Geo.ATR is a drone based solutions service. Our services include consulting, training and drone data capturing and visualization for individuals, corporates, governments and non-profit organizations.


Making Geo-data easily accessible

Drone Mapping
We capture centimeter resolution drone aerial images and create 2D, 3D and elevation maps.
Drone Mapping Training
Drones are revolutionizing the process of capturing high resolution aerial images.
Our drone mapping training will increase your understanding of the available photogrammetry software and its functions. You will learn and experience the complete workflow of drone data capturing until creating 2D, 3D maps and elevation models.
Geo-data Enrichment
Enrich your maps with the themes of our Geo-data framework. Or have us create a geo-data layer for your map.
We setup geo-portals and train your team to maintain your geo-portal.

This service entails:

  • Analyzing high volume data for (re)usability
  • Structuring and cleaning data
  • Custom and bulk scanning
  • Bulk data-entry
  • Meta-data entry
  • Setup of lean processes to maintain the flow of data-entry, analysis and access
  • Automated ETL process setup
  • Combining and consolidating multiple data-sets for intelligence

Your organization has much more data that can be used to improve products and services. This data is often stuck in inefficient processes, stored on islands such as Excel files or captured on paper. We can help with:

  • Going from inefficient processes to efficient processes conform Lean principles
  • Scanning your paper archive, data-entry, meta-data enrichment and bulk uploading your data into the (online) secure web applications
  • Going from islands of information to consolidated, structured and real-time accessible information via (online) secure web applications
Our approach:
1. Optimize your processes conform Lean Principles
2. Scanning, data-entry, meta-data enrichment and bulk uploading
3. Extract, and Load data for real-time access and analytics


Drone mapping pricing depends on your requirements. 

  • Drone flight
  • 2D map
  • 3D map
  • Digital Surface Model
  • Digital Terrain Model

Geo-ICT consulting pricing depends on your needs.

  • Geo-portal setup
  • enriching maps with more geo-data
  • any other client geo-related requirement




Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16:00


Phone: +597 437743 | +597 471862
Address: Doloresstraat #57 | Keizerstraat #52
Paramaribo, Suriname
Email: info@geo-atr.com


Does Geo-ATR have a permit to fly?

Geo-ATR takes safety seriously and has certified its principal drone pilot. The drone pilot certification is conform the United States of America, Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) regulations.

What if I want to change the area for Drone Mapping?

We are known for consistency and effectiveness, hence we are able to work with your requirements and your budget.